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Dr Nigel Agger

Dr Niggel Agger About Dr Nigel Agger BDS, HPD, DipCHyp, NLPPrac, PGcert.AppCp

I utilise hypnosis/hypnotherapy and adjunct techniques in order that individuals become self-empowered to improve the functioning of their mind and body, facilitating the achievement of personal goals.

Hypnosis has applications in all areas where mind and body interact e.g. Stress management, management of acute and chronic pain, anxiety and panic control, the elimination of unhelpful habits, behavior change and performance enhancement in virtually any field of human activity.

I have practiced clinically for over twenty years as a dentist and developed an increasing interest in the mind-body relationship.

I studied hypnotherapy and NLP at the Quest Institute and furthered my training with Dr John Butler Phd at Hypnotherapy Training International.

I have a postgraduate certificate in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from UEL.

I also work with a team comprising of medical doctors, clinical psychologists and a research professor in non- invasive diagnosis and training of the autonomic nervous system.

Having studied music, I also integrate sound into health and well-being.


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